Our Trailer Has Arrived!

My alarm went off at 5:30am. Luckily, I was already up, walking around my room, getting things together. Drew and I were off to meet a delivery person from Tiny Home Builders to receive our trailer! So at 6am Drew and I were sitting outside our future building site (his dad’s woodworking shop) in his car, freezing and chattering excitedly. You know how  when you’re half asleep but super excited, everything has that strange surreal/caffeine tint? That’s what it felt like.

So we sat, we talked, we marveled at the stray white cat that wandered out of the brush and found its way under the car, watched the birds and the geese that flew overhead. The geese seemed to be lost, because two of them kept flying back and forth squawking at each other like a married couple on I-40 (“Where are we going!? Where’s the map?” “I know exactly where we’re going! Just–” “PULL OVER!”). We thought about how loud rainstorms will sound in the loft, and we marveled at the realization of the fact that what we’ve been working for and hoping for so long is about to become a reality.

We’re about to build a tiny house.

We are going to build a tiny house.

With little to no experience.


We got there early and waited for about two hours. The birds woke up and started chattering in the bushes. The rising sun lit up the old rusty warehouses and brick buildings around us. The dim light revealed it wasn’t quite spring yet. Then, we could see a small car started driving down the road toward us, and who else stepped out of it other than Dan Louche? WHAT?!

This was so exciting! I’d only ever read about Dan Louche. I did the whole tiny-house-nerd thing of learning about his work, watching videos, etc. during the research phase of this adventure. And now here he is in person!

So I chewed the fat with Dan’s father-in-law who came along to help with the delivery, while Drew and Dan backed the trailer into our fenced enclosure. It turns out that Dan usually hires freight to deliver his trailers, and we were lucky in that Dan delivered it himself, which had only happened a handful of times. We felt incredibly grateful for the opportunity to speak with a professional in the tiny house community.

Drew exploring our trailer.

Then Dan illustrated how to hook up the trailer to the truck, and showed us a few of the specs of the trailer. After that, we told them a good place to get breakfast in town (there was a new chicken and waffles joint that had just opened up nearby), and they were on their way.

And they left us with a trailer.
In our building spot.
For us to build on.
A tiny house.

Didn’t they know this was crazy?
This is what I’d imagine taking a newborn home from the hospital would feel like.
We have no experience parenting this kind of project.
What the heck do we do?

I do feel relieved that there are a ton of resources out there for people like us. People who didn’t have any experience either, yet they were just fine. They dumped their saved money into their dream too, and they were fine.

Will we be?

I just hope this works.


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