I Got a Sink for my Birthday!

…Definitely not something I ever thought I’d say. But, here I am, ecstatic about a sink. But come on, look at this thing. Wouldn’t you be excited too?

Our cute little sink! The hole-puncher is there for size comparison.

The sink is about 8in wide by 19in long. Needless to say, it’s freaking adorable! Drew and I have been debating about having a sink in our bathroom. Our bathroom is only as long as our loft and about 2ft wide. So yeah, tiny is as tiny does.

Because I’m a bit OCD and like approaching things as logically as possible, we made a brief pro/con list:

-Wash our hands separately from the kitchen. (I don’t want to have to wash my hands there while Drew’s cooking. That kind of thing.)

-Takes up room
-More plumbing

So even though it involves more plumbing, I thought it’d be more sanitary to have it separate from the kitchen sink. So we debated it for a long time and settled on this tiny little one. And Drew’s family was kind enough to surprise me with it!

It’s nice, we’re slowly seeing this house come together. It’s weird to see it go from just an idea to a tangible thing, you know? So here’s our plan. We’re hoping to start building at the beginning of May. We’d start building sooner, but both of us are traveling a lot during April. Plus, once we start building, our plan is to get the shell up as quickly as we can. We want to deal with as little rain as possible… That way when we get the shell up, we can really take our time working on the interior.

We now have the majority of our most expensive materials – windows (be warned, they usually take a long time to receive if you’re custom ordering them, so my advice is to order them as soon as you order your trailer OR do what we did and visit salvage stores and the Habitat for Humanity ReStore everyday), insulation (we ordered wool), and of course the trailer, being the big items. It’s getting closer! Now to figure out how to build this thing…


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