Window Shenanigans

May is coming. May is the day after tomorrow, when we’re supposedly going to officially begin our build. So, as I’m sure you can imagine, all this prep work has made both Drew and I a bit apprehensive. There is so much to think about. Our main problem is figuring out how to configure the trailer to work with the plans we have. We bought both the plans and the trailer from different companies, so making the leap of purchasing materials when we’re still trying to figure out how to put everything together has been a learning curve. I still feel like we’re in over our heads, but I also think we’ve got this (at least, I hope we’ve got this).

So today’s task was for Drew and I to pick up our second to last window. We drove 45 minutes through rain and traffic (road construction – can’t wait to try to navigate that with a tiny house!) to a builder’s supply shop. Once there, we were a bit tense from the drive, but it was nothing too crazy. Buying the window went without a hitch. The lady working the front desk swiped our card and gave us a yellow receipt that we were supposed to give to customer support to pick up our window from the warehouse..

But, before we did any of that that, we decided to shop for nails because, you know, it’s a hardware store and were already there so we might as well. For some reason, when we priced nails from the Orange Store, it seemed cheaper to purchase nail strips used for nail guns instead of a good ol’fashioned 30lb. bucket of nails. So, just to make sure we weren’t crazy, we wanted to see if the local hardware stores had better prices on old fashioned nails (it turned out, much later, that old fashioned nails are cheaper than nail strips, but we didn’t know that at the time).

Once in the nail isle (because there is one. It was between to what appeared to be the doorknob aisle and the tape aisle) we started up a discussion about 12D nails (the plans call for them, but all they had were 8D and 16D. 16D’s were about 3/8” larger than 12D’s so we had to gauge how important 3/8 of an inch were to the entire 140 sq/ft build. It’s weird how something so small has such a big impact), when out of the blue we heard this golden-oldie over the speakers (click the link for realism).

I grabbed Drew’s arm and whispered “Do you hear that?”

Drew, shocked, said “Holy…. are you serious?” He stood still for a moment and spun around to look over the aisle behind us. “Are we being punked? Where are the cameras?” We both laughed and wondered why a hardware store would play this song, or if anyone who was working there even realized what we were sniggering about in the nail aisle (“These nails are HILARIOUS!”). We ended up dancing to the chorus, because why not?

The song ended, and we decided to just wait to buy 12D nails from the Orange Store like the plans told us to do. We gave our window receipt to the guy working at the counter, and he told us to meet him and drive our car around to the new warehouse with the ramp. However, once he had left and we hopped into our car, we realized we had no idea where we were supposed to go. None of the warehouses in the parking lot looked particularly “new”, and there were no ramps. Like, anywhere. This led to us driving in circles around most of the warehouses saying things like: “That looks like a ramp, right?” “No, that’s just a pile of sand.” “Where the heck are we supposed to go?”

“Hey,” I said, “let’s ask him for directions!” I pointed at a goose standing in a nearby field looking at us sideways. Drew cracked up and rolled down the window “Excuse me! Sir? Where are the windows? We’re lost.” The goose just watched us laughing in the car and then started slowly backing away like he thought we were about to mug him. Like we were some kind of hoodlums out to steal his windows.

We turned around in some lot behind the hardware store and just happened to pass the front of one of the warehouses when we saw the clerk emerging from the doors with a big box. “Oh,” I said, “I guess this is the new warehouse. That goose gave us the wrong directions.”

“He must be new around here.” Drew said.

We loaded the window into our car, thanked the clerk for helping us out, and got back onto the highway, chuckling to ourselves over the events of the day. Leave it to Rick Astley and a goose to remind us that yes, while building a house is a completely serious task, it needs to include a little humor too.


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