‘Shake’ it off


Recently we began working on the cedar shakes that line the dormer walls and the eaves of the front and back walls. After the shakes were stained and ready to install, we began the slow and meticulous process of choosing the perfect shakes, cutting them down to size, and installing them. Luckily cedar is an easier wood to carve, so we were able to use a utility knife for the majority of our cuts. The helped make the process a bit easier.

Like the siding, we started at the base of the section and worked our way up so that the boards overlapped correctly to keep rainwater out. We pulled the tarp off the dormers while we were working, and many people stopped by to comment on our house – I guess because they’re now able to see more of it. The range of comments we’ve gotten about the house has been really interesting. Some people stop by knowing exactly what our odd-looking structure is and ask us how long it is (18ft) and other specific questions about the structure, compliment the lifestyle decision, etc. Others stare on in disbelief and ask “what the heck is that?” To which we give an elevator speech about this strange concept. “Yes, we do plan to live in it. Yes, it is small. Yes, we can’t wait! And yes, we probably are crazy (hopefully in a good way).” We even have some regulars who come by and check in on our progress. “Oh! I see you’ve added trim to the front wall!” “Yeah, it wasn’t easy! Maneuvering the ladder around the tung of the trailer was tricky…”


Anyway, soon we will be working on the cheek walls, which will consist of angled shakes. We’ll be cutting the bottom layer of boards on an angle (conveniently the same angle as the gable roof) and work out way up. We still have odds and ends of trim we need to install before we can finish this up, but we’re working on it. Since it’s winter, progress has been slower due to the cold (at least it’s not rain!). We still need to build the bike box and finish up the siding and trim on the exterior. We’re doing as much as we can now before it gets extremely cold. Once it gets really cold we’ll go ahead and begin working on the interior of the house with a space heater. I hope we can finish the exterior before then.

It’s weird to think we’ll be starting on plumbing and electrical once the exterior is finished. We haven’t even thought about how all that will work yet. We have a lot of research to do. We’re thinking of installing the plumbing and electrical ourselves and then having professionals look it over and inspect it carefully. Is that crazy? We don’t have the funds to hire someone to install it. I guess we’re keeping our options open at the moment.




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