The Front Wall – A Brief Update

Hello, we just wanted to let you know that we’ve finished the trim and lower siding on the front wall!


You’ll notice in the pictures that the trim pieces are a bit wider than the average 2×4. We bought these custom based on sizes we needed. For example, the horizontal piece across the top is 2×10, and the far left piece is a 2×12 cut to fit. We did this because we wanted it to fill the space between the half circle window and the door without having to cut tiny pieces of siding. We also wanted a solid piece of lumber to support the porch overhang, which we are waiting to install after we finish the interior of the house. The same goes for the bottom of the house (under the door), which will hold the fold-down porch we also plan to install.

The rain screen and siding went up the same as it did for the rest of the house – working around the window was probably the trickiest part, but even that wasn’t too difficult.

Here’s the finished (bottom section) of the front wall! Also, see that lone piece of siding in the house? That and one other small piece is all we have left..

Next we’ll be working on the trim around the half circle window. Since we’ll be creating a rounded trim we’re not sure how we’re going to go about it yet. Hello, geometry!



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