The Back Wall is Finished!


We all know by now how much I love working with shakes… This wall was no exception (though not nearly as complicated as the front wall!) The biggest challenge with this one was making sure we had enough shakes left to finish the project. We had pre-cut some shakes that randomly disappeared in the shop the couple days we weren’t there, which left us scouring our remainders to see if we had enough. Luckily we were able to stain some more and had enough to finish the back wall. This is the result!


We luckily didn’t need to use a ladder (we weren’t sure how we’d lean it on the house over the bike box and without hitting the shakes). I was able to reach the majority of it, and for the last row closest to the roof Drew (who is much taller than me) could reach up and get it. It’s convenient having a tall guy around.



We also put siding up leading up to where the shakes begin, just like we had done for the other walls and the bike box. Nothing we weren’t used to. However, like the shakes, we were afraid we’d run out. And, we did! We were one piece short. Not too bad, considering it was all guesswork in determining how much we’d need at the beginning.



The wooden trim around the window was installed the same way we installed it for the front half circle window. What was nice about this wall was that it was a lot of repeat work from the other walls, so we didn’t face many new obstacles (which certainly makes for a nice change of pace…)


Next we’ll be installing the front door. We may not have any tarps on the house, but we still have a large plastic sheet covering the front entryway to keep out rainwater. (That is until we finish the door.) We’re almost completely plastic-sheet-free!


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