Our Little Skinny Nook Closet


Recently we build our four in one clothing closet. One thing you may have noticed (if you’re paying REALLY close attention) is that we haven’t created storage for our shoes yet. I mean really, where do you store shoes in a tiny house? We can’t put them in the bottom of our clothing closet since our laundry box is there. In the nook couch is too inconvenient. And, much to Drew’s annoyance I’m sure, I have around 20 pairs of shoes. (And yes, I’ve ‘paired’ them down, so to speak.) So, like the inventive tiny-housers we are, we got creative.

Within our house there is a space between the front door and the nook that is about 11″ wide. We decided to use this space to build a thin, floor-to-loft closet to hold odds and ends like our shoes. This is another thing that I (Sierra) designed on paper around a year ago (which was particularly fun since deciphering my own handwriting and logic-trains a year later is always a challenge..) I took inventory of all the stuff we were planning to bring to the tiny house and then designed storage to fit our needs.



Because we only have 11″ width to work with we decided to slant the boards for our shoes so that they would fit straight in instead of sideways. We did a couple tests and it works!

The shoe section. We built room for smaller shoes (like women’s flats) on the bottom and larger shoes (like boots) in the top section.

We began by building the box for the closet out of 3/4″ pre-finished maple plywood. From there we added in the shelving based on the measurements I’d gathered when designing the closet. We used a similar process to the clothes closet when creating the shelving by making them 1/2″ shorter for trim. The process involved simply cutting the shelves down to the right size and then screwing them into place with 1 ½” wood screws. We also remembered to keep everything square!

Luckily, installing this closet was a bit easier than installing the clothing closet. We plan to build a ladder on the end of the closet out of red oak so we can get up to the secondary loft and won’t need to switch our other ladder between lofts (thereby accidentally stranding one person in one of the lofts). That’s the last piece of custom furniture we need to make! Our home is now fully furnished with custom cabinets and shelves. We may add some more small storage in the future, but we’ve gotten all of the big storage boxes taken care of. Finally!

The light-switch to our porch light is in the closet. Hey, whatever works!

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